There are many facets that constitute a progressive artist. With continuing developments in technology, expanding networks and fresh paradigms… advancement appears uncontainable. In the example set by image-maker Bobby Cuffe there is a definitive purpose. As the forerunner in the NXT [Now times Then] paradigm, the artist re-interprets historical content in a contemporary light.

A system of technical aspects attribute to the esthetic, here purveyed. Starting with a solid grasp of popular culture and the addition of deeper layers give the images before you a tangible value. The processes of image manipulation render a new standard to behold. In retrospect, the art manifested definitively displays not only the current trends. The images in this series attest to a state of mind.

By all conclusions, Bobby Cuffe has once again taken his passion for technology and music to new heights. In that vein the desired result has been achieved.

Bobby Cuffe has worked in the film and television industry as a professional set decorator, specializing in Hip Hop style wall murals, and utilizing degrees in graphics, fine arts and as a classically trained animator, Cuffe is equipped to deliver content in a highly creative and technically adept manner .

I continue to focus on creating compelling visual content and to train others in the visual communications field along with extensive research and development of High Dynamic Range Imaging and panoramic photography.Image_Retouching.html